Agile and Dynamic Control Technologies to Enhance System Stability and Power Quality Considering Renewables and Electrical Vehicle Impacts

 ---- energy management system with agile and dynamic control technologies to enhance hosting capacity in distribution networks

Research Area: Green transport (GreenTech Fund)

Electrification of transportation system and distributed renewable generations contribute to decarbonisation in HK. This naturally introduces challenges to power system operations including high demand volatility/uncertainty, voltage issues, system losses and impaired power quality problems. It is crucial to maintain system stability and power quality in this decarbonisation process.

Smart Applications

A smart city platform hosts different domains of services such as transportation, health, food and utility services. Smart applications are needed for various services under each domain. Such applications are available from the smart city platform and can be developed depends on specific needs.

Smart City/Smart Campus Platform

While aiming at generic IoT and next generation based smart city platform with various smart applications, we start from smart campus with close collaboration with local schools to customise the smart campus system best serving the purpose of educational needs. 

User Centric Smart Campus - Framework & Survey Studies

In collabroation with our partners, CAFEA endeavours to develop the scoping of user centric smart campus through surveys with stakeholders - students, teachers, management, parents and service providers. 

  • Smart Campus Survey

Smart campus is regarded as a high-end form of a smart education system and a miniscopic version of a smart city. Many smart campus concepts are technology-driven and introduce interconnection from technological perspective to serve its stakeholders. This approach however may not necessarily address the real needs and interests from stakeholders in such a smart campus community. 

CAFEA, together with its partners, conducts smart campus survey research to gain better understanding of the gaps in order to form the best strategy in developing a smart campus solution. The survey has been undertaken in Hong Kong (HK) primary and secondary schools, aiming at capturing school stakeholder perspectives on smart campus for educational applications. 

Smart Mobilisation

Electric Vehicles (EVs) contribute to the decarbonisation of the transportation sector and provides opportunities for smart applications such as smart charging, vehicle sharing, mobile virtual power plant, and autonomous driving. With smart algorithms and advances in V2X and V2G, owners of EVs can enjoy better rates, contributing to emission reductions, better utilization of green energy sources, helping with more reliable electricity supply with better power quality, and better traffic flow and fleet management. CAFEA has established experience and technologies in smart EV management solutions, contributing to sustainability development and decarbanisation in future smart city development.